Employment Opportunities:
                       local commercial janitorial services
                       photo ID technicians
                       manufacturing positions
                                custom window treatments 
                                specialty items for state & private customers.
 For information on window treatments view our products page or visit     www.nuvisionswindowtreatments.com.
NuVisions took part in its first preschool vision screening in 1967. Two-Hundred-Twenty-Six (226) children were screened in Huntingdon County; sixteen were referred for testing by an eye care professional. This program expanded to include Juniata and Mifflin counties. The Prevention of Blindness (POB) Specialist conducting the screening looks for any of a list of specific characteristics during the screening, and, if found, sends a referral letter home with the child encouraging the family to have the child’s eyes examined by an eye careprofessional in order to address any vision problems before the child enters school. This can have a life long effect on the child's success.

​Since 1996, NuVisions Center has been presenting interactive vision safety awareness programs in the elementary schools.  The programs are age specific and designed to help children understand the importance of taking care of their eyes and preventing vision loss due to accidents and poor health habits. 

In 2004, adult vision screenings and educational programs in senior centers and industrial sites was introduced. 

Although the products and services have evolved over the years, NuVision’s mission has remained the same. We are a service-oriented organization committed to serving the community by providing meaningful employment for people with various disabilities, excellent services and outstanding products to our customers, community education regarding sight related issues of all kinds, and help for those who are visually impaired, encouraging them to remain independent and active members of their community for as long as they can. 

In order to continue to reach these goals, the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of NuVisions Center is continually seeking new ways to improve our position in the community and the business world. Competing in today’s marketplace is an increasing challenge; however, it is the intent of the management that this agency remains vital and meets its mission for many long years to come.

Success depends on everyone involved in NuVisions Center, working together for the good of the individuals and community that we serve. As a cohesive team, through respect for each other, open communication and honesty, great things can be accomplished and the future can be secured.

To improve the lives of persons with vision, physical or mental impairments through services and employment as well as educate the public about vision loss.

NuVisions Center is your resource for finding
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NuVisions Center is a not-for-profit organization in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, founded in 1945.

Many changes have occurred over the years in keeping pace with the changing marketplace. We no longer sell door to door, and many of the items we started out making are no longer part of our listing. Today our manufacturing includes sewing washcloths, several styles of blankets, bedspreads, and window treatments for state buildings and offices. Products are sold to the State of Pennsylvania through a central nonprofit sales force (UniqueSource) and to the federal government through contracts with SourceAmerica. Our manufacturing departments maintain a minimum ratio of 75% of employees who are visually impaired or have other disabilities.  
    On February 28, 1945, we received our charter as Juniata Foundation for the Blind with the purpose of operating a workshop that would benefit the blind and allow continuance of services to the blind community.  As the Works Projects Administration (WPA) was winding down its operations of a home schooling program for the blind, the The Pennsylvania legislature recognized a need for continuing these services so they moved the program under the State Council for the Blind, Department of Welfare. A survey of the central Pennsylvania geographical area showed the benefit of having a local agency to provide training and employment for blind persons, so with help from a United Fund grant (today's United Way), the workshop formally opened in November of 1945, under the direction of Carl Shoemaker, who was blind himself. Several visually impaired persons worked on projects manufacturing leather work, rugs, basket weaving, rubber doormat assembly and chair caning. For a brief time brooms were made but this project was not able to compete in the marketplace. The foundation sold its items through local businesses and door-to-door sales. Eventually the agency was privatized and renamed Juniata Association for the Blind and moved to its current location in 1961, expanding the building in 1965. We continue to maintain a strong relationship with the Mifflin-Juniata United Way. 
 In 1991, the agency launched into the private sector under the name of Juniata Custom Drapery (JCD), making custom draperies for home and office. An installation service was added in 2001 and sunscreen shades, mini-blinds, and other treatments were added by 2008. In order to reflect our expanded window line, we renamed this division NuVisions Window Treatments in 2013. This business now offers all types of custom-made window  treatments  for home and office.
1986-87 saw the advent of our janitorial program. This commercial cleaning service obtains its contracts through UniqueSource, Ability One (Source America) and the private sector. A summer lawn care service was operated for several years; however, in the fall of 1999 the decision was made to discontinue the program since it was not comeptp\itive with other services of its type. All employees in this department have a disability. 
In addition to manufacturing, several services have been added. In 1985 the agency, represented by PIBH (now UiqueSource), began staffing the photo licensing technicians positions in PennDot's local Photo ID Centers with persons with disabilities. 
To reflect the changes in products, services and employee diversification, our name was changed to NuVisions Center in 2010. And in recognition of our expanded window treatments line, Juniata Custom Drapery became NuVisions Window Treatments in 2013.

Proceeds from the manufacturing and services                          
                 -- help fund the Community Service Department  with a goal to help                           blind and visually impaired persons within our communities, 
                 -- help educate our communities about prevention of vision loss, 
                 -- help the disadvantaged people obtain proper eye care. 
NuVisions Center’s mission from its beginning has been to serve the visually impaired population of Mifflin, Juniata and Huntingdon counties. The Center serves this population in practical ways with the goal of helping them remain independent members of the community. 
In the past, Home Teachers/Visitors performed duties such as teaching Braille and typing to clients as preparation for employment and helping clients by delivering shopping orders, reading/writing correspondence, and talking with clients in their homes. 
Today, the Center provides transportation to medical appointments and essential errands and develops individualized service plans to help customers adjust to vision loss. Regular group meetings are held to encourage interaction between people facing similar life challenges. These services promote independence among the visually challenged .
In 1952, the agency began a Corrective Eye Care program for the purpose of helping people obtain glasses and/or eye exams when they could not otherwise afford them. The Center has several partnership agreements with local eye care professionals, the United Way, and (for a period of time) the New Eyes for the Needy program located in New Jersey. 
-meeting needs of special populations